the team

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Lauren Yarbrough

Chair, Board of Directors

Lauren is a producer, writer, and compulsive list-maker of proud St. Louis origins. You may know her from her time as a producer and then managing director with Oracle Productions. She has also managed various projects in town with Congo Square Theatre, Pivot Arts, Strawdog Theatre Company, Akvavit Theatre, Redtwist Theatre, Piccolo Theatre, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and most recently, Here, Chicago. She lives uptown with her partner, a lot of books, and an indeterminate number of houseplants.

Tony santiago

Program Manager

Tony is is teaching artist and producer.  From 2012 Tony worked at Oracle Productions as a producer, manager and associate artistic director. Producing credits include Ike Holter’s STAY LIT, Kristiana Rae Colón’s GOOD FRIDAY, and Joe Varisco’s QUEER, ILL, & OKAY. Other Credits include WINEHOUSE: TRIBUTE TO AMY, MIDNIGHT SOCIETY, and PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER.  Currently Tony produces with his production company, The Roustabouts. 

DYLAN toropov

Managing Director

Dylan runs the day to day operations at CAA. Dylan began serving on the Board of Directors for Oracle Productions in the Spring of 2016, where they led sustaining donor recruitment for accessible programming. Dylan served as Assistant Music Director at the Chicago Independent Radio Project from 2014 to 2016, helped launch the Chicago Community Bond Fund, and is currently the Director of Individual and Major Giving & Special Events at About Face Theatre.