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"Stories of the Body" contains four plays about the body of women in history.  



A play based on the trauma of a friend, Lina is a whimsical exploration of the mutilated body, the moment a beautiful, capable body loses its mobility.  This once-never-again-dancer excavates all that is beyond movement to learn the still dance of the dragonfly and the love and forgiveness that is still within reach.


A play based on an interview with a Hungarian sex worker located in Budapest.  Born Roma, unwanted, abused, and sold, Eva struggles to claim a life of her own based on trust and dignity.  This text explores the traumatized psyche of a true innocent who will redefine happiness if this world is determined to consume the weak.


A play based on the life of Theresa of Calcutta, a modern Antigone, who felt a call to care for the unburied. This strange necrophilia, blinds her to the possibilities of living. When the soul eclipses the body, only to be left in cosmic silence, we face the terrifying possibility that a love for God can forsake all others.


A play based on the life of Artemisia Gentileschi, the first professional female painter of the Western world.  She painted violent, revolutionary masterpieces amidst her father's public trial against Agostino Tassi, her art tutor and rapist.  Her life and work became a rebellion against a society where a woman is considered property.

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