Chicago Arts Access Partners

Chicago Arts Access Partners are art companies, ensembles, venues, and organizations in and around Chicago that make a number of tickets of their shows available on

Chicago Arts Access Partners value new audience members and opportunities to build community through live performance and are interested in welcoming first timers.

CAA Partner Benefits:

  1. Partners receive contact and demographic information for everyone who reserves a ticket on including who's a first time patron- giving companies the data they need.

  2. Partners are notified in real time via email when someone reserves a ticket for a show.

  3. CAA provides your company a reservation overview keeping everyone on your team on the same page.

  4. Partnerships increase audience engagement opportunities and capacity to intentionally build new audiences.

  5. Patrons only need a valid email address to reserve a seat- no fuss with cards or third party accounts.

  6. CAA is flexible: need to change the number of seats? Want to add another show? Easy, just reach out and we'll make adjustments on the website giving you control when you need it most.

CAA Partner Responsibilities Overview

  1. Partners commit to reserving a certain number of tickets per show for Chicago Arts Access making them available to CAA patrons and community members throughout the run.

  2. Partners commit to prioritizing tickets for shows that include accessibility services.

  3. Partners share show and marketing information to be provided by partner for promotion on and its communication channels.

  4. We are currently accepting new season long partnerships- please inquire by filling out the partnership request form on this page before August 15th.

In our first year, Sustainers & Partners helped make over 1,000 tickets free for Chicago!

Join us in year two. 

We are so proud to partner with the following companies working together to making everyone feel invited to the arts. Since 2017 Partners and Sustainers made over 1,500 tickets available to people throughout Chicago!