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Chicago Arts Access

Free Local Art Builds Community

Thank You Chicago!

Thank you to our partners and Sustainers who've worked with us in a successful as we begin to wrap up our 2nd year of programming.  Our partners and Sustainers gave over 1800 tickets free to the public!

Here’s what to look forward to in YEAR THREE:


Chicago Arts Access will continue expanding its community partnerships with service organizations throughout the city, deepening the impact of your monthly commitment to arts equality.

Join us in the fall for our annual Season Kick Off as we celebrate the work that YOU MAKE POSSIBLE


More shows and not just theatre. We’re adding dance and other live performances to programming line up.

And as always, we’re prioritizing performances that feature accessibility services making more people feel invited to the arts.

You will have opportunities to suggest programming that you want access to.

Chicago Arts Access partners with critics and other important voices, helping you get the most out of Chicago arts.


We’re on boarding our first Chief Technology Officer who will lead us in advancing our website so that adding and modifying shows and performances happen quickly giving you more control.

Chicago Arts Access is for everyone because free local art builds community. Join us- become a Chicago Arts Sustainer for as little as $5/mo and give the gift of live performance and accessibility services to those in need! Its quick, easy, and feels good. 


Here's a look back to the shows you helped Chicago see.

2017-18 Season